Updated 5/28/2020: We will be resuming limited in person services beginning 5/31/2020. Please read the following guidelines for information about some changes to the format of our services.

Meeting Times:

1. The church will be open for all regular service times:

  • Sunday morning – 10:45am
  • Sunday evening – 6:00pm
  • Wednesday night – 7:00pm

Note: We will not have Sunday School until a later date. The church nursery will only be available for a parent to tend to their child as needed and they should return to the main auditorium directly following.

Arrival and Seating:

  1. Upon arrival, someone from the Usher Team will meet you and your family at the main entrance to assist with seating.
  2. Please use sanitizer as you come through the foyer into the church auditorium.
  3. Seating will be by individual or family (parents are to keep their children with them).
  4. Pews will be skipped in between seating and to the best of our ability we will alternate seating families on the wall and aisle sides of the pews.


  1. We will dismiss the church by row allowing everyone to exit the building while remaining safely distanced.

Other Details:

  1. Masks may be worn at all times; however, the church will not be issuing masks to those attending. You will need to bring your own mask.
  2. Offering plates will not be passed. We will have them in a designated location so everyone can still give while they are at church.
  3. We will not have fellowshipping time during the song service.
  4. We ask that you remain in the main auditorium unless there is a specific reason to go into another part of the building.
  5. Restrooms will be available if needed.
  6. JR Church will continue during our 10:45am service. All JR’s should sit with their families until dismissed to go to the lower building. All JR Church workers have been trained to keep the children safely distanced.
  7. We will not have PeeWee church during the 10:45am service. All Children under JR’s need to remain in the church auditorium with their parents.

Symptoms of Sickness:

  1. If you and/or anyone in your immediate family (household) have a fever, we are asking everyone in the family to stay home until the fever is gone and you have verified no one else has any fever.
  2. If you feel sick in any way, we are asking you to stay home until you are having no signs/symptoms of sickness.


As we continue through this new journey and attempt to keep our church family and visitors safe, I would like to personally ask you to pray for us and have patience with us. If you would like to ask a question or make a comment, please talk directly with Pastor Pinkston.